Dialogue with Junji ITO and Entinsight

An in-depth dialogue among Japanese horror manga master Junji ITO, Lei WANG - famous animation industry personage in China and CEO of TuZi Culture Co. Ltd, Tian YU - CEO of ASK Animation, and Kun LEI - Co-founder of Entinsight. Let’s find out what will happen when they meet on the BICAF stage.

  • TIME:2018.8.12 13:00-13:30
  • GUEST:Junji ITO, Lei WANG, Tian YU, Kun LEI


 Junji ITO 

Honored as “the most important Japanese horror manga master after the 1990s”, Junji ITO was known by his unique and delicate hand-painted lines and carefully-crafted complex images. He is specialized in creating a strange aesthetic feeling with oppressing sensation, which was described by readers as “not only psychological, but even the body may feel scared.” Notable works Tomie, Kubitsuri no Kikyuu, and Shibito no Koi Wazurai are praised by his fans. 


As the CEO of TuZi Culture Co. Ltd., Lei WANG has been engaged in the copyright operation of comics, film, TV, anime and games for many years. In recent years, he planned and produced many manga works, including A Dog, Yama is Unhappy, The Happy Excursion, Traveling with You in this World, Transformers 3&4, Kung Fu Panda, Batman – The Rise of Darkness, Superman – Man of Steel, Journey to the West, The Grandmaster, and Fate Stay Night. 

 Tian YU

Known as “Q version” in the industry, post-80s animation & comics producer, founder of ASK (Animation Slowly Kills) Animation, member of ACIFA, member of ACAA Digital Art Experts Committee. YU engaged in animation industry for 15 years with representative works Wanguxianqiong Season 2, The Last Summoner, Cage of Diseases, Pianist on the Road. ASK Animation has obtained tens of millions of financing from iQIYI, Shangzhinuo, Pangu Venture, and Leyo Capital.

 Kun LEI

Co-founder of Entinsight.

 Introduction to co-host media: 

Entinsight is the most influential industrial research media in the ACGN field. 


1. This event is free to all, no tickets needed.
2. BICAF reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.